High Return On Investment

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We align your investment in social media & local business marketing to your business goals to drive desired outcomes

Full Support

We guarantee 24/7 support for your business. We are always here to fully support you & understand your requirements

Sustainable Engagement

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We provide ongoing client engagement that will last and help you retain clients. Our strategies are designed for the long term

More Traffic, Higher Conversion Rates & Real Profits

Social media can drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty and increase sales opportunities. With so many channels, making so much noise, it’s hard to know where to put your investment so it works best for you.
We can get you heard. We are a team of dedicated social media & local business marketers. We understand how the market works, and how the technology can be best used to broaden your brand engagement and drive sales.
We can make local business and social media marketing work for you.

Telco100: Business Marketing Agency

Use Social Media Marketing To Drive Sales

Social media should do more than build your brand engagement.

Telco100 is a social media management agency that believes your social spend must become a sales investment.
Yes, use social media to drive your lead acquisition.
Use social media to grow an engaged community. But, don’t stop there.
If your social activity isn’t driving sales, call Telco100!
We will show you how we can make your social investment really pay off.

Measurable Marketing Strategies

Telco100 has a proven track record for delivering measurable results and generating a high ROI. We offer the full range social media marketing services.

It starts with a detailed discussion, we develop a social media marketing plan that fits with your business goals. We help you implement that plan by creating great content.
Win new fans and keep existing fans engaged. We create social media campaigns that get people talking. And keep them talking. About you. And with you.
So your social investment will pay off, with measurable results.

Full Support

Social media never rests. Neither do we. We’re a social media agency that believes managing our clients’ social presence must be a 24/7 commitment.

If the world changes, and you want to tweak some aspect of your campaign immediately, we can get that done. If someone posts a nasty comment on your social account at 3 am on a Saturday morning, we will take care of it. Then, in the clear light of day, we’ll explain what we did, why we did it, and how you benefit from it. We understand your needs completely and that of your business so we are always here to help.

What We Do for Your Business

Telco100 is a full service social & local business marketing agency with a team of passionate, engaged professionals. Our holistic approach to social media and local marketing allows us to apply specialist skills in all areas of digital marketing to ensure we target the right people, attract the right attention, deliver the right content at the right time to optimise aspects of the sales funnel and smooth the path to purchase.

We Find The Most Engaging Content To Post

We Schedule The Content To Target Your Market

We Boost Your Facebook Reach Many Times Over

We Manage And Drive Your Facebook For You

Make Your Business More Profitable Without Any Work


  You don’t need to go crazy about Facebook ad spend because Telco100 will drive organic traffic and make you more   profitable.

  You don’t need to worry about the time when Facebook ad costs will rise because you will be found.

  You don’t need to watch your page likes grow, but go totally unutilised because you’re not posting content regularly.

  You don’t need to lose money every day because you’ve left a solid earning opportunity unexploited.

  You don’t need to see Facebook downgrade your page and send you even lesser organic traffic cause you have very   little or no content.

  You don’t need to hire expensive and inefficient assistants and interns and pay them through the nose.

  You don’t need to cancel your vacations, sleep less and work like a zombie because you are busy all the time finding   and posting content.

It’s Time To Make Content Work & Get You Profits Do Facebook Marketing The Right  Way & Make Things Easier

Go For – Maximum reach and maximum impact from your Facebook page without maximum effort.

Go For – engaging content posted instead of a daily struggle to find and post fresh content.
Go For – better profits and higher margins through organic visitors and sales.
Go For – a faster growing sales page, and better exposure to a targeted audience for your ads.

Go For – A successful fan page that keeps growing and driving traffic without you having to personally give                              attention to each one every day.
Go For – Making your Facebook ads profitable by reaching out to your fresh page subscribers with organic content  
Go For – Building a long-term asset that you can drive sales from even if you’re not advertising.


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